was registered on 21.12.2006, in need of few surgically and therapeutically treated patients of breast cancer. In fact, these patients have felt the need to help each other in long, painful, and frustrating for whole family, process of treatment, feeling that our country is not doing much for status of these patients, nor their treatment. At the beginning number of our members was around 20, and today it is 200.

Association is working in two directions:

1. Provision of psycho - social and emotional help of ill and treated patients
2. Education of Bosansko Podrinjski Canton's population and wider

Association has provided numerous of professional - educational lectures, with help of doctors from Oncology institute in Sarajevo, with whom we have great cooperation. Also, in numerous actions, which this association has organized, citizens of our canton have been provided with a lot of educational materials about early detection of cancer.

Especially, we are proud of our project "Narcis za Sabinu" where we have been selling daffodils, and collected money in other ways to help our youngest member, Sabina Džebo, to buy "smart" medicine, Erbitux. We have collected money very quickly, and got medicine for our Sabina, so she is with us today.

Also, association is very proud of admission from municipality of Goražde, "Srebrna plaketa" for provision of psycho - social support and lifting up level of preventive medical protection of BPC citiezens and "Zlatna plaketa" for selfless work.

We also must say that we have full support of our local RTV station, as from most of the government institutions in BPC.

Association is part of larger organization which works in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our association follows all significant conferenes, congreses, races for life, where we intensively want to wake up people's conscience of getting regular checks with their doctor, and getting attention for neccessary help and adequate treatment of patients which have already been diagnosed with cancer.

Association is in cooperation with other assosiations from Party of Associations, as with associations which are working in area of our canton, especially with young people from association "AsuBiH - local team Gorazde" and "NO HATE local team Gorazde". We can always use help from them.

We are also very proud of group of children between 8 and 12 years, who have self - initially organized and named themselves "Biserčići" [diminutive from "Biser" (Pearl)], and they want to help association in realizing our activities.

Association will keep the same track in its activities, since we want to have healthy environment, help to detect as many maladies as possible, in time, since healing percentage is higher when detected in time, and mortality, of course, lower.

Association is financed through projects (number of projects is decreasing), donations, memberships, as through engagement of members themselves in bounds of their medical possibilities.

We can, we want, and we must to do this since we are aware of all phases through which patients and their family is going through after cancer diagnose.  
Address: Ul. Meha Drljevića bb

Tel/Fax: 038 / 22 40 45
Mobile:  062/ 098-371

e-mail: bisergo@bih.net.ba

Account: 1610300005700007, RF bank-Filijala Goražde
D.R. 503012000-06300000561, RF bank-Filijala Goražde

Payment should be effected as follows/EUR
Beneficary’s Bank: Raiffeisen bank dd BIH Sarajevo/Filijala Gorazde

Swift code: RZBABA2S

Address: Danijela Ozme 4, Sarajevo, BIH

Intermediary’s bank swift code:

Acc. 936244300

Details of Beneficiary
Account no Beneficiary: IBAN: BA391611000001432457
Udruženje oboljelih od karcinoma dojke i
Drugih malignih oboljenja "BISER"
Address: Ul. Meha Drljevića bb


USA-Standard Chartered Bank,New York Branch
City-New York
Acc.Number: 3582021720001
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
City-new York
Curr –USD
Acc.Number: 400922657


The Royal Bank of Scotland NV
City: Toronto
Curr: CAD
Acc.Number: 574124660 181


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